Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Welcome warm weather!

The warm sun and calm waters are calling you to the water! If you don't believe me, come out and try paddle boarding this August.

Why stand up paddle?

Yes, it is a good upper body workout. Yes, your balance might be challenged. Yes, you can try a handstand on the board or any other pose from your mat classes...

Even better than the workout is the calm feeling that surrounds you as the paddle blade strokes through the water, creating small ripples as it propels the board forward. The board is almost one with the water as it glides soundlessly, allowing nature's song to take the place of the constant hum of our daily lives. The loon call, the woodpecker's drum, the splash from a fish breaking the surface of the water. These are the sounds that echo as you paddle the lake. Take in the fresh summer air with deep, full breaths. Float over the current of the lake with supple knees and allow the board to rock, absorbing the movement. Feel the strength in your arms, triceps, across your back as the paddle does its work. Tune out the outside world, your stresses and to-do lists will wait until you arrive back to shore. They will wait...

Enjoy these last weeks of summer. Take in the sunshine and take time for yourself.

Join me Tuesday night at 7pm or Thursday morning at 8am on Lake Detroit for a paddle and some yoga on the water. These classes will end when the school year starts.

See you soon!