What is SUP?

SUP = Stand Up Paddle Board
Stand up paddle boarding (SUP), is a Hawaiian sport that has ancient ties to surfing. Known as “hoe he’e nalu” in Hawaiian, standing on large surf boards was a way for surfing instructors to have better visibility on the ocean and manage large groups of surfing students.
Relatively new to Minnesota, paddle-boarding is a very popular and growing sport. SUP is a sport that is easy to learn and currently it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world!
The sport offers athletes a strong core workout and a fun way to cross-train. Combining upper body paddling with lower body balancing also makes for a great work out. It is a family friendly sport, available to a wide range of fitness levels and ages.
SUP races, tours, and competitions are held in costal regions all over the world and are now being organized in the Midwest. Keep an eye out for events in the lakes region...