Thursday, July 21, 2016


We are mid-season and it is about time I posted some of the answers to questions I field often. Let me know if this helps...or answers the questions you have about SUP or SUP yoga...

What should I wear?
There is always a chance you will fall in...but there is also a very good chance you won't. So...layer. Wear what your suit underneath whatever layers you would wear to go for a vigorous walk or jog in for the weather that day. For early morning classes and evening classes I often wear a long-sleeve shirt over a tank top. Most often, I wear a 2-piece under a tank-top with a pair of swim or running shorts. You do not need shoes, although I have had some clients wear shoes into the water then take them off and put them under the bungees (like the picture above). It is best to have bare feet so you can use those stabilizing muscles in your feet to react to the waves, wind, and/or a mis-stroke.

What should I bring?
First, bring a good attitude and a smile! Don't be hard on yourself...this is not your typical yoga or mat class! Also, it is a good idea to have a change of clothes (who wants to sit in a car in soggy shorts) and a towel. It is also a good idea to have a snack (you might be hungry after paddling) and a bottle of water. The water is both for staying hydrated (especially in hot weather), but also for rinsing off your feet. Local lakes have had some swimmers itch at different times each summer..which is easily prevented with a quick rinse and towel-dry.

Is all of the equipment included?
Yuppers! The cost of the class includes all you'll need on the water. If you want to bring your own board, awesome! You'll get a discount on the class! I would be thrilled to have more SUP yogis join me with their own board...after all, you don't quit going to yoga classes just because you bought your own yoga mat! Come, bring a friend, bring your board if you have one and soak in the summer air! This is the coolest yoga studio around and hands-down the most relaxed you'll be all day!

Should I sign up ahead of time?
That would be AWESOME! I have on-line registration available for you. Not everyone likes paying on-line (and actually, cash or check would be my preferred method of payment anyway), but I really do appreciate knowing that you are coming. Here's why: first, I want to make sure I have enough equipment along or ready. Second, there are many times we move class to the opposite side of the lake to contend with the wind out of the South. Third, if nobody signs up for a class...I might cancel the class because I didn't know you intended to come. Even if you don't register on-line, please send me a text message, email, or give me a ring.

Are your boards stable?
Well...I teach yoga on they better be, right? In all seriousness, all of the boards I use for classes and rentals are all very stable. I carry mostly recreational SUP boards designed for general use. I do not carry any "cheap" boards, although you can find those at big-box stores across the area. Weight limits vary on the boards, but most boards in my fleet hold up to around 260 lbs. I do carry a handful of boards just designed for yoga (they are quite wide and not very fast for paddling across the lake) that make SUP yoga feel like you are practicing on a large lilypad. Those are probably the favorite of my yogis. First come, first served of the pre-registered clients...get to class a little early to nab one of the "pretty boards." :)

Do you give private lessons?
You bet I do! Let me tell you, I have had more people tell me they have experience paddling...then they take my classes and express how they wish they would've taken a class with me first. I will give you a few tips, answer your questions as best as I am able and show you what I have learned. After 5 seasons on the water with paddlers at every level, I have a few really good "tricks" up my sleeve! :)

Do you give group lessons?
Yes again! This summer I have hosted a number of bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and "girls night out." SUP is a great way to break the ice and have a little fun before the big celebration or night on the town.

Well...those are some of the things I am asked most often. Please feel free to contact me if there is something here I missed or if there is a question you would like asked. Thank you for checking out Lakes Pace and finding me! I hope to see you on the water soon!