Friday, March 24, 2017


Hello All!
Spring is starting to show in our area in the scent of the moist grass and warm sunshine heating the ground...almost sandal season...but alas...not quite!

I have been working on a summer schedule for SUP classes this spring and have posted a survey on Lakes Pace FB page.

Currently, a few ideas are in planning stages...and there may be a few new faces teaching with Lakes Pace too!

If you have any suggestions, ideas, needs or wants as it pertains to class time, location, or style...please let me know (via email, FB message or text message) soon.

A few things to "mark your calendars:"
1) Full Moon Classes:
May 10Flower MoonToo early in season, no?
June 9Strawberry MoonClass starts at dusk.
July 9Buck MoonClass starts at dusk.
Aug. 7Sturgeon MoonClass starts at dusk.
Sept. 6Harvest MoonClass starts at dusk.

2) Mother/Daughter Retreat at Five Lakes Resort:
Starts evening of Sunday, July 20-Morning of Tuesday, August 1

3) Power of Me Girls Retreat...TBD

Right now, it looks like the summer schedule might be something like this:
Monday evenings in Perham
Tuesday early AM sunrise SUP in DL
Thursday evening sunset SUP in DL
Friday 7:30am SUP yoga in DL
Saturday 8:30am SUP yoga on Boot Lake (Jess' place)

Also...are you interested in YOLO SUP boards? I am putting in a spring order...and perhaps a late spring order as well. Locally, if you are not interested in ordering a board...please check out Lakes Sport Shop in DL on Washington St. They are FANTASTIC!

Exciting new season ahead, folks! I can't wait to meet you on the water once again! Season 6! Here we come!

In the meantime...join me Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights at DLCCC or at 180Balance on Washington Ave on Thursday nights for YIN yoga or early Friday mornings for a vinyasa class to jump-start your weekend! See the calendar page to find out where to meet me for classes.

Love & Light always...
Yours Truly,