Monday, June 19, 2017

Things to Try in Detroit Lakes

This morning Jackie, from KVRR news in Fargo came to DL to try my favorite summer activity...SUP yoga.

Here's the clip:

My yogi friend joined us to with her puppy on board. Doing yoga sequences on the board can be tough...and she balances with her best bud on board too! She is amazing.

During SUP yoga classes, we take most of the pose sequences or "flows" that you might normally experience in any yoga class to the board. In the clip above, we completed a modified vinyasa (or yogi push-up) sequence and a couple of Modified Warrior poses too. Nobody fell in & we kept the microphone dry too! :-)

Have you tried this sport yet? If not...give me a ring. This summer is the season to experience this "Lakes Pace" activity...especially if you are "SUP north mn" this summer!

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See you on the lakes!