Monday, June 7, 2021

Sweet Summer 2021!

 Nothing like a heat-wave to get us in the summer mood up here in Lakes country!

If you’ve been wondering about SUP yoga, you’re in good company! I’ve been pondering what would be best for this season for some time...but needed to get past this school year before I could focus on summer (maybe I have good company on that sentiment too?). This season will be shorter but sweet!

Season 10: here’s the “plan:”

SUP yoga in Detroit Lakes, meet at the public access on West Lake Dr. (just down from Zorbaz).

Tuesday 6am ~ June 28-Aug 3

Friday 7:30am ~ June 25-Aug 13 (skip July 16)

Saturday 8am ~ June 26, July 10, 24, Aug 7

Check calendar/class description/ costs at:

(On-line payment available with PayPal).

See you on the water!