Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Do I have to license my SUP?

Short answer:
In Minnesota, yes. If it is longer than 10 feet.

Long answer:
In Minnesota, yes. If it is longer than 10 feet...and there are a couple of other exceptions. All watercraft licenses are available through your local DMV (department of motor vehicles).

If you are not sure, check out the Minnesota boating guide. There are changes in the law periodically that effect licensing laws.

Licenses are good until December 31st in the year that is on the license. So, if you purchase a SUP (watercraft) license today, it will cost you $24 after all fees are applied (there may be additional fees if you pay with a credit card...so bring cash or a checkbook if you want to avoid that) and it will be good until December 31st of 2016.

What to bring with you to the DMV:
-Your driver's license
-The receipt of your purchase showing you paid sales tax
(If you purchased your board on-line and did not pay sales tax, you will have to pay sales tax in order to get your license.)
-The make, model, material and year of your SUP
(For example: YOLO, roughneck, made of polyethylene (plastic), 2014)
-A "hull ID" or serial number
(most SUPs don't have this...since they don't have a hull...but check yours anyway...board companies are adapting and changing all of the time. Yours might have a serial number on the bottom of the board you could use. Like I mentioned, most boards don't have this.)

Note: the information provided here was taken from the Minnesota boating guide and personal experience with licensing SUP boards. Always check the boating laws for your area for the most current and accurate information.

In Becker County, the DMV is in the Becker County courthouse right next to the Sheriff's office.