Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Haven't tried SUP Yoga? Try starting with this flow on your board...

This is a standing sequence that allows you to keep your paddle in hand. At anytime, you can extend your paddle to the surface of the water as a brace to regain your balance.

Start from standing, just as you would while paddling. Keep a soft flex in the knees with feet shoulder-width apart.

Inhale while raising your paddle overhead.

Exhale, folding forward with a flex in your knees, taking your paddle toward your feet. 

Inhale, raising your gaze toward the horizon and lifting your heart into a half-fold (or monkey pose). (Keep arms extended toward your feet).

Exhale extending your paddle out before you while sitting back into chair pose (a squat).

Inhale, lifting the paddle back up toward the sky, standing tall in mountain pose.

Exhale, relaxing arms and lowering paddle.

Repeat as many times as you like.