Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Sun & Fun!

The water has been glassy this week. What better time than to try something new on the water? Whether you own your own SUP board or not, you are always welcome to come to a class with Lakes Pace! Come...join me and build strength and flexibility on the water!

Highlights from this week:
Gorgeous weather for classes! Amazing weather with sunshine, light cloud cover and barely-there breezes. Saturday SUP yoga (8am) and SUP yoga/fitness (9:30) were FUN! The 8am class worked through our sun salutations STANDING on the board! That is how calm the water was. Amazing! Our 9:30am class balanced in a flying pyramid pose and worked hard through yogi-burpees and push-ups. Our obliques were saying "Yes! I feel that!" a couple of days later!

On Sunday, Lakes Pace (and family) were out at Ella Marie's Cafe on Lake Ida with the lovely (I call her "groovy" a lot...she is simply awesome) Jeanette. The class had an amazing vibe that left me feeling welcomed, warm, flexible and groovy...all day! If you haven't made it out to Ella Marie's yet, put that on your summer "to-do" list. Say hello to Jeanette and take a class. You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday morning classes were small this week, but that allowed us opportunity to do something different! Jess joined me for a two-hour paddle around Little Detroit Lake. Is there a better way to experience the lake? On the South side of Little Detroit we watched a territory battle with three loons...now that is a sight to see! The showing off, the noise, the flapping of wings...it was pretty impressive! The wildlife even that close to town never ceases to be amazing!

If you have not SUPed yet...give me a call! I love it (if you can't tell...I'm a bit bias)...and I promise you an experience that will leave you wanting more time on the lake!

Lakes Pace rents boards too. Have the boards delivered right to you! There are still a few available for the 4th of July...call soon...

See you soon!